In Don't Starve (and DLCs), various status effects influence the rise and fall of health, hunger and sanity over time:

  • Proximity to monsters/friends
  • Items worn or in inventory
  • Things eaten
  • Time of day
  • Wetness
  • Temperature
  • Poison

In addition to these, there are several "one-time" ways to gain health, hunger or sanity, such as eating foods (adds or subtracts any of the three), being attacked (damages health), sleeping in a tent (adds sanity but lowers hunger), etc. -- but I am not interested in instantaneous buffs/debuffs.

I occasionally see my sanity (in particular) draining when I don't think it should be. I'd like to be able to know which status effects are active on my character at a given time. I imagine this could be done via the console while the game is paused, but I don't see any documentation describing how this could be done. (For me, I'd prefer not to use a mod that takes up screen space when I'm not interested in seeing all active effects -- I only want to see the effects at certain times.)

Is there a way to enumerate the active status effects on a character?

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