Happens both in the web demo and in the downloadable free version; didn't purchase full version yet, so not sure if the mechanics haven't been changed.

The official guide doesn't list Graveyard as a trap zone. Yet I can't seem to get out of there. Recently in the downloadable version I used Orb of Safety in the Graveyard that was right next to the Great Walls; No matter how long I try to walk in a random direction I cant seem to be able to reach any other zone.

Or do I have to complete Haunted Woods in order to be allowed out of Graveyard?


Great Walls seem significantly less frequent in the Graveyard than usual (apparently, once Haunted Woods start being generated, it is hard to find a straight line which does not cross their border, and thus the game cannot generate a Great Wall), but other than that, there is nothing special about escaping the Graveyard. I have confirmed that it is possible to escape in the web version.

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