I used to play Minecraft PE a lot and I've re-downloaded it on my brand new iPhone 6S for old times sake. Every other button is working fine, but blocks don't highlight when I touch them, and my character's arm swipes once and then holds still, even if I hold down on the block.

I've messed around in the settings, with sensitivity, controls, etc. It says you need to hold down on a block when you want to break it, but that's just not working. I am on survival mode, not adventure, so I know that's not it. I haven't seen anyone else with this problem on mobile.

Anyone know what's wrong?

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From the OP, posted in the question body:

I deleted and redownloaded the app, and now it works as intended.


you either: 1. don't have permission to edit blocks 2. are too far away from the block 3. accidentally set it to a different control

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