Overdrive Protocols let you transfer Blades between Drivers, but they seem to be extremely limited. Where can I find them?


There are several ways to obtain Overdrive Protocols:

In Chests

You can find 3 Overdrive Protocols in chests:

  • The chest in Torigoth, near the Driver Recruiters
  • The chest in Garfont Village, behind the tents
  • The barrel in Mor Ardain near the hot springs


Completing Driver Affinity

You can get a total of 5 Overdrive Protocols by completing each Driver's affinity web.


Releasing Blades

You can release a completed 4 star Blade to get an Overdrive Protocol, which means they are farmable. You can (probably) only get a 4 star Blade from a Legendary Core. At least there's some consolation for "wasting" a Legendary Core.


Buying Them For Bonus EXP

As of patch 1.3.0, you can find a Traveling Bard in Tantal that will sell you an Overdrive Protocol for 1m bonus EXP.

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