So i'm doing a retaliation mission and my colonel reaper(elena dragunova) is mind controlled by the warlock. the problem is he is immune to flashbangs. Also waiting 4 turns for the mind control to be over is not an option since the dumb resistance soldiers keep shooting her just like they would shoot a regular enemy. i alt-f4'd the game(ironman/legend) which i am not proud of. i do have the frost bomb but i don't think freezing the warlock or elena is going to help me. the worst thing is she is not going to bleed out since technically she is an enemy(i'm assuming this).

How do i save my reaper? :(

EDIT: I have no psi operatives, all remaining 5 soldiers have plasma,beam weapons and of rank major with bladestorm and untouchable abilities. No mind shields, no grenades. 3 berserkers, 2 mutons,2 codexes,a chrysallid producing thing, a faceless, warlock with 50hp and 7 armor.

On a More Important Note: The Objective here is to keep her from dying, everything(and i do mean everything) else is secondary.

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    Killing the mind-controlling enemy releases the mind-controlled soldier... but, in this case, that's probably not helpful advice: if you could kill the Warlock in one turn, you'd do so anyway... – Ghotir Dec 14 '17 at 15:20
  • @Ghotir i would kill him if he didn't have 7 armor and 60hp also if i didn't activate 3 pods at the same time. :( – KalyanamKiran Dec 14 '17 at 15:32
  • Psi-units with the skill 'solace' will cancel mind control when they walk within range of the allied unit. – Roijan says reinstate Monica Dec 14 '17 at 15:55
  • If you want to ask about your exact scenario, we'll need the full details of your game. If the question is as it looks in the title, this is just asking for a list of ways to stop mind control. Which is it? – Roijan says reinstate Monica Dec 14 '17 at 16:01
  • @StephenLeppik I miss read the last part, I thought it was an in game objective to keep Elena alive and I didn't remember that objective being a thing on any retaliation missions – l I Dec 15 '17 at 11:53

If keeping the Reaper alive is your only priority, then simply EVAC the remaining soldiers as quickly as you can. This will fail the mission, costing you that Resistance contact… but Elena will live. Given the situation you described, the mission is probably a lost cause anyway.

If you have one soldier left that is MC'd by the Warlock, then the mission will immediately fail with them being Captured. I know this from when I was doing the Codex Brain Coordinates mission with a single soldier. I'm not sure if this stays the same for retaliation strikes, but the objectives are fairly similar so you should be good.

After the mission, you can locate them through the Resistance Ring (with L2 bondmates if possible) as soon as your current covert action is finished, and then mount a rescue.

This has the following additional side effects; I really don't believe in a true "nothing else matters" scenario unless you have an Instant-Win Condition or are faced with a game over if you fail:

  • The Warlock may gain some additional knowledge on XCOM's operations.
  • You might need to do a mission or two without her. But, you should be used to this.
  • Nice. I think this answer is in fact the only way to keep the soldier alive given that she does not have a level 2 bondmate, there are no psi units, and killing the warlock is not possible. – Roijan says reinstate Monica Dec 15 '17 at 7:07
  • good outside the box thinking – l I Dec 15 '17 at 12:35
  • @lI an almost "nothing else matters" still opens lots of options. – Nissa Dec 15 '17 at 14:41

If she happens to have a bondmate that is at the rank 2 bond (or higher) on the mission, you can move him/her next to Elena to cleanse the effect.

Other than that, there is no way of removing the mind control short of killing the chosen or killing the resistance soldiers and waiting for it to wear off.

  • umm, are you sure about this? i think this only works on things like disoriented or panicked. – KalyanamKiran Dec 15 '17 at 15:59
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    @KalyanamKiran I can confirm bondmate level 2 removes MC. Just tried it in game and succeeded. – l I Dec 15 '17 at 16:39

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