Say I have a Molten Blade in my hand, which turns into a random weapon and I also have a Dead Man's Hand which shuffles my hand into my deck.

If I allow my Molten Blade to transform into another weapon and then use Dead Man's Hand, does it stay a Molten Blade or does that card turn into whatever Molten Blade was at the time that I had cast Dead Man's Hand?


I tested this out with 'Molten Blade', 'Shifter Zerus' and 'Shifting Scroll'. In all 3 cases you get what the card is currently turned into. enter image description here

In this case Zerus turned into an Ancient of Lore and Molten Blade into Glaivezooka when I shuffled them in.

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    Wow, nice answer. You even went with all 3 changing cards! Well done! – FoxMcCloud Dec 19 '17 at 2:19

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