Typically (to the best of my knowledge), terraforming a planet in Master of Orion improves the climate and makes it a better place for farming, hence improved food production. Since the Cryslon's don't require food (eating the planet's mantle instead) I am wondering if it would just be a waste of resources to terraform planets when I am playing as the Cryslon?

Are there any other benefits to terraforming that I am not realizing?

  • In the original Master of Orion series, terraforming would also make the planet bigger. (i.e., a larger fraction of the planet is useful.) Even Cryslons found it useful to terraform. Mar 27, 2019 at 20:14

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There seems to be no benefit to terraforming a planet if it is entirely populated by Silicoid, because it will not improve the mineral composition of the planet. You also gain nothing by building Gravity generator, because they are not affected by planet size.

You would see a benefit from terraforming if you conquered planets from other races and had a mixed-race planet.

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