In Terraria, Jester Arrows can pierce/penetrate enemies. Which other arrows and bullets can do this? Are there any midgame ones for hardmode crowd control, or can you only do this early-on?

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In addition to the already mentioned Jester Arrow, your options for piercing arrows are Unholy Arrow(early/midgame), Chlorophyte Arrow(hardmode) and Luminite Arrow(hardmode).

For bullets you could use Meteor Shot(midgame) or Luminite Bullet(hardmode). There is also Candy Corn(hardmode) that can be used with the Candy Corn Rifle.

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    There are more ammunition-based weapons with piercing/penetrating property: Helwing Bow, Shadowflame Bow, Pulse Bow, Bee Knees, Stake Launcher (stakes), Flame Thrower (gel), Dart Pistol (darts), Flare Gun (flares).
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    Dec 20, 2017 at 15:21
  • Note that the amount of enemies each ammo/weapon can pierce may vary from as low as Meteor Shot which can only pierce 1 target. For early hardmode you consider a Blowgun with Crystal Darts. Which gives some auto targeting and up to 7 hits per shot. Damage is decent even later into hardmode and you can replace your Blowgun with Dart Pistol/Rifle.
    – Ben Ong
    Dec 21, 2017 at 2:05

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