Everytime I try to join a server, it says this following error: Message: io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information:. For some reason, it only happens with Aternos servers. I have tried to flush my DNS cache, but it didn't work.


Try waiting a few seconds between opening the server list and joining the server.

If that doesn't help, you have internet problems, which could have a lot of different reasons.


Have you tried -Dfml.readTimeout=120 JVM argument when running Minecraft? This should give Minecraft more time to download stuff from the server, and make a connection. By default Minecraft will only wait 30s.


Sometimes the answer is reloading; based on what I've had happened to me!

  • "Sometimes"? Care to expand upon that?
    – Nissa
    Jan 5 '18 at 3:07

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