One of the trophies in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 is

100 Million Credits
Obtained a total of 100 million Credits.

Do I need to be holding 100 million credits at once to get the trophy? Or can I spend it and I just need to have earned 100 million as I played?

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According to PSN profiles trophy guide, the trophy is based on accumulated credits and you do not need to hold 100M credits at one to time

As in ReBirth 1, you need to grind 100M credits and as in ReBirth 1, this trophy is cumulative so you don't need to reach 100M owned credits => credits spent also count towards this trophy

You can check your progress towards the trophy by viewing the Play Data in the Nedpedia

You can check your progress by going to Nepedia, then choose Play Data, and go to Credits Held

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