How to draft effectively? What are the main concerns when drafting, what is a good algorithm when picking/banning a hero?

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Most tools of this kind (and it seems this one as well) change the value of heroes depending on what other heroes have been picked or banned.

Therefore, the way to use this tool would be to input each pick and ban into the tool as it occurred ingame, and allow the tool to adjust it's estimations each time.

In theory, this would mean that in your example situation, the tool should be able to see that the other team lacks support and should prioritize supports as important bans for you (I don't know HotS heroes well enough to test if this actually happens).

If the tool knows that they lack support and still doesn't suggest banning support, then I would say the tool is flawed.

Also note that there are other metrics besides winrate that the tool lets you sort by, such as "counters" or "synergies" and the tool points out weaknesses in your lineup such as "No support heroes" or "Need a ranged damage dealer (assassin/specialist)." The tool is surely meant to be used by taking more than just winrate into consideration.

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