While running like a crazy person around (I tend to do that) I walk upon this place (sorry for low quality... phone pictures) in south east, near the Nilfgaardian border:

world map

5 altars

It looks like a semicircle of 5 altars of some sort, each altar having a symbol on him (swallow, sea monster, dog, mare, and another bird). Looks important/fun but is nothing around (they don't glow on witcher senses, can't interact with them).

From what I remember my first playthrough didn't get me here (but that was like 2+ years ago so I may be wrong) so I don't think is related to the main quest.

So... what is this place? Anything here? My guess is that is not just for flavor but...

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According to this Reddit thread, those 5 pillars do not have any functional purpose in The Witcher 3 but serve as a reference to a quest from the first Witcher game

This spot is a reference to one of the quests in the first Witcher game. In it you had to activate an elemental that was frozen in the middle of five pillars, by convincing the nearby druids to create a thunderstorm so you could use a lightning rod to activate each pillar then fight the elemental

  • Ah... yeah I remember the quest. Although I don't remember any symbols on the pillars in W1 (still... I played W1 like 10 years ago so... who remembers if they had symbols or not :P).
    – zozo
    Commented Dec 29, 2017 at 20:26
  • 2
    There should in fact have been an elemental there. I recall it being way powerful when I first found it - I think I was around level 15 and decided to go question mark hunting. Commented Dec 30, 2017 at 13:41

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