Is my personal career rating relevant for the matchmaking?

If I have a low score, do I get placed into a game with other players with low scores (and same for high score), or are people matched together regardless of their personal score?

Edit: After some research i found some speculation threads where some people think there is indeed a career based matchmaking because of longer waiting times for high career points players. But this only pure speculation without facts, it would be nice if somebody knows a reliable statement of developers or fact based information.

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yes somewhat, sadly the system for matchmaking is broken, which also depends on your server, in Asia they match with silvers I believe and the USA gets platinum. your kd plays a giant part also.

  • Can you provide some more details and possibly some references? This reads more as a comment rather than a true answer.
    – Fato39
    May 11, 2021 at 12:36

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