A friend told me this, and yes, it seems that depending on what weapon you have out, your running speed seems different.

Now I just want to know if it's my imagination or is it reality.

So there seems to be 3 tiers : Main weapon (SG,AR,SR,SMG), Side weapon (Pistols and Sawedoff) and Grenades/Melee

So taking the main weapon as a base, how much faster are Sideweapons and Grenades when sprinting?


According to the Wiki, movement speed varies by weapon type, as well as being unarmed:


Apparently, you run fastest with a pistol out. The difference between the weapons types is fairly minimal, but it is noticeable when playing with teammates who have no weapon equipped versus one with say a rifle out.

A pistol is .03m/s faster than throwables. The wiki sources this video that tests all of the possible equipment (as well as stances).

  • Why do pistols make you faster? – JAB Dec 31 '17 at 5:44
  • 4
    @JAB Obviously because by removing the hands and replacing it with a sleek pistol design, the human body is 0.3% more aerodynamic. The video it is sourced from says about it: "Pistols for whatever reason appeared to be a little bit faster in my recordings, but I think that might be [a] recording artifact. Or if it is, it is a 0.32% difference, so it is not significant in any way." – Sumurai8 Dec 31 '17 at 11:18

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