I recently bought Skyrim for my Switch. It came with Hearthfire installed and I was excited to build a house.

I chose Falkreath for my location; I knew I had to do some sidequests before the Jarl lets me buy land. I already completed one quest, which is to bring the Black-briar mead to the Jarl.

I looked up the second quest, and it is to kill the Bandit leader.

I keep on talking with the Jarl and his his steward. But I'm not getting any extra dialogue to unlock that quest.

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    UESP is a useful website. Switch version is a port of the PC version so everything applies.
    – Nelson
    Commented Jan 1, 2018 at 20:15

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In order to be able to unlock the quest, you need level 22 or higher. Then talk to the jarl and he will grant you the option to complete the quest.

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