I wonder if it is possible to hit two players with one bullet, if they are standing/walking behind each other.

I dont ask about shotguns which have a wide range. But what about the other weapons (especially sniper rifles). Can they penetrate a player and also hit the player behind them with the same bullet?

I saw that here are some questions like this for other games in which this is possible but i wonder if this is also possible in pubg, and if so, under which circumstances? (specific weapons, armor, ...)

  • I'm pretty sure I've seen people down multiple players with one shot of a shotgun, though technically none of the shotgun pellets went through the one player and into the other, it was just the spread of the pellets. So I think it's possible to get 2 kills with one shot with a shotgun, but not by shooting through one player and into the other. Here is a video of this happening. It appears one player goes down, while his teammate dies, and then the other one dies from begin down without a teammate. I assume in solo this would result in 2 immediate kills
    – Timmy Jim
    Jan 8 '18 at 13:36

You can not hit more than one player with a single bullet in PU Battlegrounds.

As of Jan 5th 2018 PUBG only has a very limited amount of bullet penetration physics, limited to "doors, water, and wooden shacks" (source).

Bullets, and crossbow bolts, do not pass through other players. In fact bullets will not even pass through the dead body of another player.

So unfortunately, no collateral kills for the foreseeable future.


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