If I have a card that gives me additional energy like Ironclads Seeing Red, can I use it while already at maximum energy?


Yes, using cards like the Ironclads Seeing Red will allow you to increase your energy above your maximum. Combined with Ironclads Whirlwind this can be a very lethal combination.

You will have to use all your energy this turn as it'll be reset to your maximum at the beginning of your next turn.

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  • If you couldn't go above your maximum energy, cards like Flying Knee would be useless: vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/slay-the-spire/images/8/82/… – Lyrion Jan 8 '18 at 14:32
  • Yeah, this question popped up on my first run after facing only a few enemies. At the time I wasn't sure if you'd have to increase your maximum to get the effect of cards like that. The energy is shown like 3/3, which could read like 3 out of 3, but in fact it should be read as 3 current energy, +3 energy per turn. – William Mariager Jan 8 '18 at 15:52
  • Just a side note - there is a relic now that allows you to retain your unused energy and roll it over to your next turn. You don’t always have to “use it or lose it”. – ColleenV Oct 8 '18 at 18:52

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