On the Switch Home screen, there are only 12 boxes in the game menu. Does this mean that only 12 games can be installed on a Switch?

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    If you downvote please tell me why. – LyricsBot Jan 7 '18 at 0:01
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    Downvoted because all you had to do was install a 13th game, and if you had but didnt see anything, your question wasnt what was asked. – Shawn Gordon Jan 7 '18 at 13:29
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    I dont have 12 games and I dont have enough money or storage space to buy 12 games. – LyricsBot Jan 7 '18 at 16:22
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    The fact that the answer to a question is theoretically discoverable is not a valid reason to downvote a question. (On the contrary, it's a fantastic reason to upvote a question.) "It doesn't affect you" is also not a valid reason to downvote a question. – jimjamslam Jan 20 '18 at 7:33
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    Stack Exchange is for questions and answers; it is exactly the place to ask a question like this. – jimjamslam Jan 20 '18 at 7:35

You can have more than 12 games installed on your Switch, but only the 12 with the most recent activity will show up on your Home Screen.

As soon as you hit your 13th game, a new icon will show up called "All Software".

Screenshot of "All Software" button

This will let you browse through all of your games in a grid, rather than a line.

Screenshot of "All Software" grid

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