In an attempt to download the Forge for Minecraft to have access to many other mods, I have downloaded the Installer from the Forge site. This downloads a .jar file. However, when I double-click the jar, instead of seeing a program API appear as seen here, I am shown a folder as seen here. How do I correct this and install Forge correctly?


I can't say for sure if it's the same in Mac, but you should be able to right-click the file and select "open with", then possibly also "other" and then Java.

If that doesn't work, try "javac".

If you don't find it, there should be a button letting you search for a program. Go to wherever you have Java installed (if you didn't install it yourself, then it's in .minecraft/runtime) and select "javac" there.

If all of that doesn't work, go to your download folder in a terminal (dir to see folder contents, cd .. to go up, cd lalala to go to the sub-folder "lalala") and enter java -jar "<file name>", replacing <file name> with the Forge installer file name.

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