Skruuia, Spirit of Scorn in the Cookie Clicker Pantheon has the downside:

All golden cookies are wrath cookies with a greater chance of a negative effect

By how much is the chance of a negative effect different from usual? This detail isn't documented in the Cookie Clicker wiki (which for most other things is quite detailed).

  • Ah, it seems the kind of code digging that no one wants to do. I think nobody wants to research that, because you're supposed to not click Wrath Cookies when using Skruuia.
    – Dragomok
    May 31 '18 at 18:25
  • There is an advantage to doing that however, incase you need to try and trigger a clot for whatever reason, such as minimizing CPS before planting in your garden.
    – Shadow Z.
    Oct 10 at 23:06

Skruuia adds "Clot" and "Ruin" each twice into the list of potential wrath cookie effects.

 if (me.wrath>0 && Game.hasGod && Game.hasGod('scorn')) list.push('clot','ruin cookies','clot','ruin cookies');

If we make a simple example, like 4 other positive effects in the list (Lucky, Elder frenzy, Cookie chain and Cookie storm), then the chance of getting "Clot" or "Ruin" raises from 33% (2/6) to 60% (2+4/6+4 = 6/10).

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