Well, I always thought it wasn't reachable since it's inhabited by the tengu, blocked off by the Dominion of Winds. But when I browsed through the explored map on the Guild Wars 2 Wiki, I found the area. I had to zoom in a bit, so it's a bit unclear, but I thought by myself, why would they make a map which isn't explorable? Also, some isles (excluding Claw Island) underneath it seem to be reachable. Does anyone know more about this? See for yourself here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/4/46/Tyria_map_%28clean%29.jpg

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That area is not currently in the game. If it was, you'd be able to find it in the wiki fairly easily.


If you have the access, Mistlock Sanctuary is an area above that island. So, it is possible to see guild/party members as if they are on the island if you check from your world map. Though, they are actually in the sanctuary.


It isn't reachable, and probably won't be unless they introduce Tengu as a playable race. Lore-wise currently the Tengu follow a strict isolationist policy, that's why we can't visit their lands.

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