I'm playing the old Super Mario Bros for the NES for the first time, and I keep getting to the castle with Bowser. However, every time I beat him, I don't get the Princess and instead just get Toad, and then sent out again.

I've tried a bunch of things - killing Bowser by spitting fireballs until he falls off, grabbing the hammer to break the bridge, but nothing seems to work. How do I get the princess?


Defeat Bowser on world 8-4 to rescue the princess.


If you look carefully, you'll notice Toad talking to you (Mario), telling you that the Princess is, in fact, located in another castle.

A screenshot of a completed x-4 level of Super Mario Bros, showing Toad telling Mario that the Princess is in another castle

Thank you Mario!

But our Princess is in another castle!

There are 8 worlds in Super Mario Bros., each containing 4 levels, the 4th invariably being a castle. As luck would have it, the Princess is located in the castle of the 8th world, known as level 8-4.
After defeating Bowser in that castle, you will finally find the Princess.

A screenshot of a completed 8-4 level of Super Mario Bros, with Mario finally finding the Princess

Thank you Mario!

Your quest is over.
We present you a new quest.

Push button B to select a world

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