Now that Subnautica has officially left Early Access (yay!), I've started playing it again. I've heard rumors about a new creature that is tameable as a pet called the Cuddlefish, but I don't know where to find it.

I've searched a few of the nearest biomes (Safe Shallows, Kelp Forest, Grassy Plateaus, and Crags), but I've had no luck so far. I don't want to look it up in the wiki just yet because I'm trying to avoid spoilers. Where can I find one? Do I need anything special to tame it?

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You have to hatch the Cuddlefish from an egg. The eggs can be found in

So far, I've only seen people find them in the first location above, as seen in this video. After you obtain the egg, place it in an Alien Containment tank and wait for it to hatch (apparently its about 1 to 3 in game days).

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    Northwestern Mushroom Forest, bottom-most cavern under the huge mushroom is probably the easiest to reach, safest location.
    – SF.
    Feb 15, 2018 at 13:03

You must hatch Cuddlefish from Cuddlefish eggs.

There are currently five Cuddlefish eggs hidden throughout the game. You may find additional Cuddlefish in time capsules if you're lucky enough to have such capsules spawn in your game.

I created a walkthrough that shows you where to find all five Cuddlefish eggs. While filming, I did find six due to stumbling upon a time capsule.

Here are the coordinates for the eggs:

  1. Northeastern Mushroom Forest at 712, -266, 531
  2. Northwestern Mushroom Forest at -866, -150, 600
  3. The Dunes at -1502, -408, 501
  4. Deep Grand Reef Degasi Base at -639, -487, -953
  5. The Lost River at -1115, -685, -660

Once you find the eggs, you will need to hatch them in an alien containment tank in your base.

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