I got enough Power Moons to charge the Odyssey before getting to the Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid (Sand Kingdom). When I charged the Odyssey, Bowser flew away and I was asked to choose a fork in the road.

It looks like I can still go beat the boss and get the multi-moon on the Inverted Pyramid, but Bowser’s airship is no longer there. Did I miss anything? (Power ups, power moons, etc.?)


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If you go back to the top of the inverted pyramid, the Broodals' ship will appear and challenge you to a battle as normal.

Everything else in the level should be exactly the same as it was before Bowser's ship left.

The one exception is if you have completed the story, the underground section will contain the oversized wedding ring. This doesn't make a difference to any gameplay, however.


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