In Player's Unknown Battle Grounds when playing single player there is an option for solo, and then another option for 1 man squad. What is the difference in these two options?


Solo is everyone playing by themselves.

In Squad, you get matched up with other players until you have a team of 4.

N-man Squad is the same as Squad, but you don't wait for other teammates. This means your team is at a disadvantage because it has fewer than 4 players, but it also means you get into a match quicker. So in particular, 1-man Squad means you'll be by yourself playing against teams of four.

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  • Some popular players who have gotten better at the game enjoy 1 man squads because it means they have more people to kill and everyone is an enemy. It's just a different but much harder way to play. – n_plum Jan 26 '18 at 23:08

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