I am currently trying to play Capitalism from a CD, on DOSBox 0.74, on Windows 10.

I mount the C: drive with:


Where DOSC is a Directory in my Windows 10 C: drive. I also mount my LG removable CD-ROM drive with:

MOUNT D E:\ -t cdrom

Where E is the CD drive in windows 10.

However, whenever I try to install from the CD, it says it does not have proper permissions within DOSBox to copy the executable to the C: drive. I have tried changing the permissions of both the DOSbox application, and the folders it interacts with on my hard drive. But, I can not figure out how to change the permissions for the CD drive itself, which may be the cause. A solution to that, or any other solution, is appreciated.

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Have you tried copying the contents of the CD-ROM to a folder on your hard drive and mounting that instead? Not a solution per-se but a possible work around?

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