I've just gotten myself a cuddlefish, but it keeps getting chomped by hostile creatures around my base. I read that it has a large amount of hp, 10000 in fact, but am unaware of any healing or regeneration options.

Is it possible to heal one's cuddlefish? Does it regenerate health over time by itself? If it is reduced to 0 hp, is there anything you can do to save it, or do you just have to get a new cuddlefish?


The large healthpool thing seems to be incorrect/a myth. They do die quickly to larger predators. Since they follow you everywhere, they tend to find themselves in dire situations quiet often. You cannot heal your cuddlefish and the only way to protect your cuddlefish is to leave it in the tank. And No, they cannot reproduce and there are only 5 cuddlefish eggs in the game.

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Theres only five in the entire game and they for me they all died due to constant stalkers coming from kelp forest to chop them or reaper attacks...Over time they will die so if you cant part to not have one because of this just do Debug Cuddle fish and spawn yourself a new one everytime it dies due to the hard grind of subnautica.

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