I am currently making a map in the Minecraft 1.13 snapshots and have encountered a problem. I want to use the title command to give the player the number of resources they have for a certain resource. For example Wood: 150. I looked this up and found you could do this using the title command. Example:

title @a[r=1] actionbar [{"text":"Wood: "},{"score":{"name":"@p","objective":"Wood"},"bold":true}]}}

This works in 1.12 but not in 1.13. It seems that the JSON format has changed in 1.13 but I can't find anything on the wiki or the changelog.

Could someone please help me to work this out?

  • This may just be because you're using the snapshots and not the full update (which obviously isn't out yet). I would suggest making it for 1.12, but that's your choice. – hakalo Feb 4 '18 at 1:56

Many selector arguments have changed in 1.13. In this case, r is now a range called distance, so your selector should be: @a[distance=..1]

Dinnerbone has a post detailing most of the command-breaking changes in 1.13, which you may want to look through (a lot has changed, it is unlikely that a 1.12 command will work without any changes)

Your JSON has two stray }'s at the end making it invalid. The command should work after removing those:

/title @a[distance=..1] actionbar [{"text":"Wood: "},{"score":{"name":"@p","objective":"Wood"},"bold":true}]
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