I'm trying to disguise players as mobs. I need to make sure the mob teleports to only the hider.

@p teleports to whoever is closer

@a and @r don't work either.

I have to give the player invisibility to disguise them and then tp the mob in a repeating command block with the command:

/tp @e[type=(mob)] (yourself or @p) 

This is a great use for scoreboard tags. You can give the player a tag and then use this tag to target that player. The command to add a tag would be:

scoreboard players tag <entity> add <tagName>

Change <entity> to the player name and <tagName> to whatever name you like.

Then your repeat command uses the specified tag in the target selector. I also recommend adding the count selector argument to prevent more then one mob from teleporting:

tp @e[type=TYPE,c=1] @a[tag=TAG]

Replace TYPE and TAG.

To remove the tag from the player:

scoreboard players tag <entity> remove <tagName>

Example commands using 'Hider' as the tag name:

/scoreboard players tag IronAnvil add Hider
tp @e[type=cow,c=1] @a[tag=Hider]
/scoreboard players tag IronAnvil remove Hider
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Create a hider team, make the hider join the hider team, and execute your teleport command.

scoreboard teams add hider
scoreboard teams join hider (username)
tp @e[type=sheep] @a[team=hider]

Multiple players

The above solution is plausible if you have one player.
I will assume that all of your hiders are on the 'hider' team.
You could do this:

execute @a[team=hider] ~ ~ ~ summon sheep ~ ~ ~ 

In a repeat block:

execute @a[team=hider] ~ ~ ~ tp @e[c=1,type=sheep] @s
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