I think very recently, the last of the 200 strawberries has been found. You can get the last strawberry by completing chapter 1 without using the dash once. (Yes, it's possible, I actually got it myself... my death count is at over 800...)

In the ending, Madeline makes a strawberry pie, which has a different quality depending on how many strawberries the player has collected.

Has anyone collected all 200 strawberries yet? Does the ending change in any way?

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    Considering that the golden strawberries are so difficult to obtain they don't even grant an achievement, and the characters' reactions when eating the 175-strawberry pie, there is probably no better ending available. That said, if you want to see for yourself, use assist mode on a different file (because it "marks" the file permanently) and it should be no problem to get them all.
    – ArrowCase
    Feb 8 '18 at 17:36

You only need 150 strawberries to achieve the best ending. Collecting all 200 strawberries will add a golden strawberry stamp to your save file, but it will not change the ending.

The video above by Git Gud shows that there are 5 different endings for Celeste. I have transcribed each ending below with the number of strawberries needed and a screenshot of the final pie.

Ending 1 (0-29 strawberries)

Ending 1 pie

Theo: I guess this is technically a pie...

Mr. Oshiro: Is this some kind of joke, Ms. Madeline?

Old Woman: Strawberry pies are supposed to have strawberries in them, dear.

Ending 2 (30-49 strawberries)

Ending 2 pie

Theo: Madeline, I super appreciate you baking for us... But I don't think I can eat this.

Old Woman: It's the thought that counts.

Badeline: You people just can't appreciate good food. I'll eat all of it myself.

Madeline: You don't have to do that.

Badeline: Yeah... it was an empty threat.

Ending 3 (50-89 strawberries)

Ending 3 pie

Mr. Oshiro: The important thing is that you tried your best, Ms. Madeline.

Badeline: Who invited this guy?

Theo: Come on, it's really good.

Old Woman: I've certainly had worse.

Theo: Thanks for the pie, Madeline.

Ending 4 (90-149 strawberries)

Ending 4 pie

Old Woman: I'm impressed! This gives my baking a run for its money.

Badeline: Not bad.

Theo: Holy crap! This is so tasty!

Mr. Oshiro: Ms. Madeline, are you available to cater our re-opening banquet?

Theo: Can I take a slice home for Alex? She'll die when she tastes this.

Ending 5 (150-200 strawberries)

Ending 5 pie

Theo: Madeline. This is the best thing I've ever tasted!

Madeline: Come on. Be honest.

Old Woman: He's right, dear. This is delicious.

Mr. Oshiro: It's truly magnificent, Ms. Madeline. A symphony for the taste buds!

Badeline: Can I take partial credit for this?

Madeline: Wow, thanks everyone. I worked really hard for it.



According to the uploader of this 100% deathless run on YouTube, collecting 200 strawberries adds a golden strawberry stamp to your file, but the ending scene is the same as it is with 175 strawberries.

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    To be clear, the response in question is in the video comments, not the video itself.
    – ArrowCase
    Feb 12 '18 at 14:51
  • * The same as with 150 strawberries.
    – Robo Robok
    Jun 12 '20 at 20:02

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