I was working on a new short film project, and I was wondering if there is any way of capturing video of the whole DOTA map, then slowly zooming in to a lane?

This would be in spectator/replay mode. I want to be able to zoom out completely for a bird's eye view of the whole playing arena.

I tried using dota_camera_distance 5000 but that "wraps the map in clouds" and I can't see any aspect of the map.

Additionally, is there a way of hiding the top bar with hero icons, and the HUD?

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For hiding the bars I remember that I could use the following commands:


For removing any unnecessary graphic, you can override vpk and create the files you want to override. More info on how you can do that can be found here.

I have tried this a while back when trying to optimize the fps and it worked. I'm not sure now.

Good luck with your movie!


I am not sure if it's possible to do that within DOTA

but if dota_camera_distance 5000 does

wraps the map in clouds

which is the fog of war, then you can try disabling it. Try these commands

 normalvision -allvision
 normalvision dota_allvision_enable
 dota_allvision_disable Gives vision for both teams. Use -normalvision to undo this change.

On the other side, the approach I have seen done to achieve this effect is with SFM (Source film maker)

which I recommend you use to make your movie

Yes, you kinda have to learn something new, but you get more artistic control and better graphic results

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