What I know,

  • Settling too close to another civilization can drop the loyalty of a new city.
  • As Lautaro's Mapuche you can kill enemy units near their cities to lower their loyalty.
  • Governors affect a city's loyalty (not sure in what regards fully yet).

What are all the ways a city's loyalty can be raised and lowered so that I (and others) may form strategies around this mechanic?

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Loyalty is improved in the following ways (Will add more as I find them),

  • Each population provides 1.0 loyalty up to 9 tiles away but are 10% less effective for each tile away.
  • Heroic/Golden Ages add 0.5 loyalty per population.
  • Dark Ages remove 0.5 loyalty per population.
  • Governors established in the city emit +8 loyalty (some can be promoted for more) and other civilizations' governors in nearby cities can reduce your cities' loyalty.
  • The happiness level (Amenities) of your city affects loyalty.
  • The Limitanei military policy card provides +2 loyalty in a city with a garrisoned unit.
  • The city-state Preslav provides +2 loyalty in cities with an Encampment district when Suzerian.
  • There are two city projects that can increase loyalty when complete (Break and Circus projects).
  • Culture alliances with other civilizations can prevent negative loyalty effects from population of that civilization.
  • Recently captured cities (through military) will have loyalty penalties, but these can be ignored with a garrisoned unit inside.
  • The Audience Chamber building in the Government Plaza district applies a -2 loyalty penalty to every city without a governor (Thanks to David Harkness).

I found this information in-game on the city panel (loyalty page).

From the loyalty page of the city panel.

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