I've encountered something pretty bizarre in Civilization 6. It could even be a bug.

I surrounded a city with a really large number of archers. I pounded the city until both the progress bars at the top of the city turned empty.

All attacks on the city now show "Total city damage" as the predicted outcome of the battle before I launch the attack.

Total City Damage

Yet, despite hitting the city with 10+ attacks every turn and each attack killing a defender, there still seem to be more defenders inside the city.

Defender ties each attack

Am I missing something or is this a bug?


As far as I'm aware you can't take a city with ranged units, so they are probably just wasting their attacks at this point.

Cities do also heal (about 10 to 20 points a turn) each turn so in between your attacks the city is probably recovering.

You'll need to bring a non ranged unit in to make an attack, at which point they should take the city.

  • ^ the city will never really have 0 defense. Just take it with a melee unit and they'll be fine.
    – n_plum
    Feb 10 '18 at 17:19

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