Recently bought Red Faction 2 on PS Store, hooked up 4 pads (all logged in as unique users) but when trying to play multiplayer, it gives an error saying no controllers match the specified players. It works fine for 1 or 2 players but not more.

It even states on the overview in the PS Store:

1 - 4 players

How can my buddies and I get this to work?

  • Whats the specific error code, I cannot make a clear idea of what is going on without it. Hint: its the something like this XX-12345678 (1-2 letters, amount of numbers will vary with some ending in -00, replacing 00 with other numbers) – Kingsley Zhong Feb 17 '18 at 20:33
  • @KingsleyZhong, unfortunately there is no error code. It just says "ERROR"... – user35594 Feb 21 '18 at 17:58

I do not have a proper answer, but I think you can't play with 4 controllers.

You don't appear to be the first person to experience this, as people on these two sites have experienced something similar:



Side note: You can ask for a refund if you want, as you bought it for 4-players gameplay, which is unavailable.

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