Playing through Dragon Ball Fighterz, I notice experienced players sometimes crouch and block, stand and block, or jump and block selectively. I've tried the different blocks myself, but I often get knocked out of my block mid-combo and the attacks happen so quickly that I haven't been able to put together a consistent strategy for when to block what kind of attacks.

What is the difference between the different blocks, and is there a good general strategy for how to block combos successfully?

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There are some specifics when it comes to blocking.
You have your usual standing block (just holding back), it will block mid attacks and overhead attacks, but won't block low attacks.
And you have the crouch block (hold back and down), this will block mid attacks and low attacks, but you'll be wide open for overhead attacks.
You should be able to tell which "height" property an attack has just by looking at the character animations:

  • Mids come out when the character's in a standing position

  • Lows usually come out when they're crouching, although there are some exceptions

  • Overheads may have some sort of wind-up before they strike, aerial attacks will register as overheads as well.

Blocking will not save you from being thrown
The game also has a tutorial mode where it teaches you these and other basic mechanics of the game.

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