How do I disable specific parts of a mod; more specifically how do I stop specific mobs from spawning?

I have tried the bad mobs mod, but it doesn't work. The mod is Modern Warfare mod, I only want the guns, not natural enemy spawn in survival! I have gone through SO many posts and they don't answer my question. I have searched through google SO much and cant find anything.

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Here's a detailed explanation:

  • First, find your Minecraft 'Instances' folder. To do this, right-click on your Minecraft shortcut, and click 'Open File Location'. From there, you can go back to your 'Minecraft' folder and you should see your 'Instances' folder.
  • Go into that folder, and go into your mod folder.
  • Go into the 'config' folder and find the .cfg file for the mod that contains the mob you want to stop spawning.
  • Right-click it, click 'Open With', and choose Notepad or any other text editor. Look through the file until you find the setting for the mob you're looking for, and change the spawning value to 0.
  • Save the file and you should be good.

Ok i figured it out after another 1 hour and what feels like 30 more minutes of research i found a little comment giving a small suggestion and it was right so you go into your .minecraft folder (located in roaming) and then config then find the file and remove or edit the natural spawn rate. That's it

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