Every chapter in Celeste has an alternate B-Side version that’s unlocked by finding a hidden tape. However, I learned that it’s possible to unlock even more difficult C-Side versions.

How do you unlock the C-Side version of a chapter?


You have to beat all B-Sides to unlock the C-Sides.

To get the B-Side version of the Core, you will need to collect all 8 crystal hearts from the normal versions and the 7 red crystal hearts from the first 7 B-Sides. Once you finished the final B-Side level, C-Sides will unlock. To play the Core C-Side, you also need to beat the other 7 C-Sides first.

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In each chapter there is a Crystal Heart and a B-side. If you collect at least 4 Crystal Hearts, you can play the Chapter Core(If you already completed the other chapters). At the end of the Core you recieve a B-side and Crystal Heart. You recieve a Red Crystal Heart at the end of each B-side. After you collect/complete all the Crystal Hearts and Red Crystal Hearts, you can unlock the B-side of Chapter Core.

Finishing all the B-sides will unlock the C-sides. You recieve a Golden Crystal Heart at the end of each C-side.

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