A few weeks ago, PUBG updated, and now you are not always spawning on the island/prison, but at a selection of locations.

What different locations can you get in both maps, and about how much players spawn at each location?

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    May I ask why you are asking this? Where you spawn is irrelevant
    – n_plum
    Feb 17 '18 at 15:40
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    The thrist for knowledge I guess.
    – Fredy31
    Feb 17 '18 at 15:44

On Erangel:

  • Zharki
  • Stalber
  • Blue Warehouse West of Prison
  • Military Base North-West of Observatory
  • The original Spawn Island in the North-East portion of the map
  • Quarry

On Miramar:

  • The Prison
  • The Graveyard
  • Southeast of El Azahar
  • Ruins
  • Mines south of Los Leones
  • Island east of Impala
  • Junkyard

On Sanhok:

(Additional locations needed)

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