One of the requirements on my blade’s Affinity Chart is to “Perform a Blade Combo finisher.” It’s the last node on the chart, but I can’t figure out how to complete it.

What is a Blade Combo finisher? How do I perform one?

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The Blade Combo finisher is the last Special Art performed in a Blade/Elemental Combo.

There are two types of combos in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Driver and Blade combos. Driver combos are performed using Driver Arts and require using Arts that inflict Break -> Topple -> Launch -> Smash statuses in that order. Blade combos are performed using Special Arts (moves initiated with the A button). You may also know them as “Elemental Combos”.

  • Use this chart to figure out which combo you need to perform to get the right finisher.
    – Yuuki
    Feb 26, 2018 at 5:03

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