With all of the write-ups and videos I have seen, I thought I would have found this answer by now. Simply put, can my friend and I each grab a controller for my PS4 Pro, and sit down together to play the game?

In my situation, I would be looking to take advantage of the non-VR mode for now, as I do not yet have the VR gear. So, it really is your basic old-school couch co-op scenario.

I haven't purchased the game yet...this answer would influence my decision, hence my asking.

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No, Bridge Crew does not support couch co-op.

You can play without a PSVR, but you're still limited to 1 player per PS4.

If you have 2 PS4s and 2 TVs, you could play in the same room. But that's obviously not what you're looking for.

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