I have a couple of mods which are used to give me companions, one of which adds a "Friend" option to the dialog of most characters and allows me to recruit them. For the most part this fine but on occasion it sometimes leads me into a situation where "Friend" is the only option and no terminating dialog choice. In these situations I can generally just avoid the character.

In the Anchorage DLC however I have came across this problem with Specialist Olin where no matter the choices I get to this dead end. I don't really want to disable the mods I have so I am wondering, is there a console command I can execute to terminate the message box?


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Yes, you can use the console command CAM to close out of dialog menus. In context, the command CAM means "CloseAllMenus".

For additional reference you can view all console commands available in Fallout 3 by clicking this link

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