I have a bluetooth headphone - "JBL Wireless On-Ear Headphones T450BT" it works when I play music or watch movies. But if I start Fallout 4 , the Audio starts playing from the Laptop speaker and there is no sound in the Headphones. ( I have a Lenovo Laptop G50 - 80 ). If I use my wired Headphones it works.

How to fix this? Couldn't find anything online.

Edit: This issue automatically got fixed after some windows update (*sigh).

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Your music player and movie player have their own control over which device to use for audio playback.

I will assume Windows 10.

On the lower right hand corner, click on your volume control:

enter image description here

Above the slider, you can see your currently active sound device.

If it isn't set to your USB headphones, change it. This should solve the problem.

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