With the new Bestiary update I am trying to play around catching with nets I've gotten from drops. I noticed that when a Beast rages it breaks the net and is immune to netting until it cools down.

I'd like to know more about this rage system:

  1. Is there any signs/condition for it to rage? So far I've managed multiple catches without the monster raging but also failed a few because it did and died to my dps during the rage period.
  2. How do I know when the rage ends other than spamming 'v' until the next net is thrown?
  3. Is there any other effects to rage? So far I noticed the Beast will regain some health but are there any other effects?
  • Typically enraged monsters have a reddish swirl sort of pattern over them. Good examples are Argus when enraged or the Canyon map Bosses; when you kill one the other will enrage. Normal argus vs enraged. Idk for sure if bestiary monsters have this effect as well, they are usually surrounded by too many other mobs to see them or this effect well. – VanBuzzKill Mar 6 '18 at 18:01

1) If the hp of the monster is not low enough 3 seconds after throwing the net it will rage and escape, this threshhold depends on the type of net en monster. I don't know the threshhold. But making it run out of hp while netted will guarantee a catch.

2) I think there is a visual cue, but I'm not sure, I'll check tonight and update the answer.

3) As far as I know the only effect of raging is that it is impossible to catch for a few seconds. And it heals up some part of it's hp.

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