Do you earn more rewards at the end of a Splatfest if you were on the winning team?

For example, the last Splatfest was Chicken vs Egg. Would I have earned more rewards if I had sided with the winning team Chicken?

  • Yes, but fortunately only a LITTLE more. The way to get big rewards is to ensure you get to King/Queen rank. – Fattie Apr 28 '19 at 16:17

Of course yes, as the Splatoon2 wikia states:

Players on the winning team will earn more Super Sea Snails that those on the losing team

This rule was introduced in the first Splatoon and it has not changed. I can confirm also from personal experience.

enter image description here

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Yes. I don't think it's explicitly stated in either Splatoon game but it's well documented elsewhere.

If two players are on opposing teams but have the same Splatfest rank - they are both Chicken / Egg Defenders for example - if Team Chicken won, the Chicken Defender gets more super sea snails.

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