I just received a pair of the Drakefire Pistols, but they are obscured by a red cancel icon and I can't equip them. I'm sure that the dwarf was able to equip them in the first Vermintide, and I don't see anything telling me why I can't equip them now except for the red text on the item name and Ironbreaker.

enter image description here


Ironbreaker is the key here.

Baradin has 3 classes:

  • Ranger Veteran (the default)
  • Ironbreaker (accessible starting at level 7)
  • Slayer (accessible starting at level 12)

This particular weapon can only be equipped by the Ironbreaker class.

  • Thanks! I hadn't messed with any classes yet, just done a few quick matches. – wizloc Mar 12 '18 at 0:48

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