In Oxygen Not Included, the player can set priorities (1 being lowest, 9 being highest) for a number of things. For tasks like digging or building, this makes perfect sense to me.

What does it mean to set the priority of an object or station, such as a power generator, a cooking station, or an Outhouse/Latrine?

(Because this game is in the early release stage, I understand/expect/acknowledge that this Q&A may become irrelevant in future releases. Still, this does not appear to be discussed, so it may be useful to others. I am using Development Build OC-256131 in mid-March 2018.)


From the wiki article on priority (https://oxygennotincluded.gamepedia.com/Priority):

Priority can be set on actions and buildings in your colony. Your Duplicants will complete actions and tend to buildings starting with the highest priority (9) first and the lowest priority (1) last.

If multiple items are set to the same priority, Duplicants will complete mopping first, then construction of buildings, followed by construction of wires, pipes, and tiles, then tending to existing buildings (delivering refills) and sweeping, then lastly, digging. Keep in mind, no matter what priorities you have set, Duplicants will always take care of their personal needs (bathroom, eating, sleeping) when the need arises. The only way to bypass this is by toggling on Red Alert, putting the colony in a state of emergency, and forcing the Duplicants to ignore their basic needs.

so the priority on buildings is so that you can let your Duplicants deliver refills to a specific building before other buildings.

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