I'm playing Dissidia NT, only in Local/Arcade Mode, and i'm getting Memoria while advancing, using different characters and leveling them up, actually i got 8 Memoria, i could enter on the story mode but i want to know first how many Memoria do i need to unlock the full story, so when i start, i won't be stopped to play from the start to the ending.

On the Story mode menu, there are tons of nodes to unlock, and i'm asumming every node is 1 Memoria each, but maybe not, and because i'm not wanting to unlock anything of it yet, i'm asking here.

enter image description here

Thanks for reading me, i'll be waiting for a reply.

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You need 30 Memoria to complete story mode.

Each node and group of nodes cost one Memoria to unlock. The last node requires 3 Memoria to unlock.

  • Thank you very much! Now i won't stop playing until i get 30 memoria, already got 12 :)
    – Beavoru
    Mar 15, 2018 at 12:54

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