I have the Spanish PAL version of the game. Is there a way to play with the English NTSC voices on the cutscenes and pursuits?

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First, you need an NTSC copy of the game. I can't leave any links, but a Google search should do the job. After getting an NTSC English copy, you need to copy 2 folders.

Make sure that it is a NTSC-US copy by going into the "MOVIES" folder and find the files that have "english_ntsc" on it's name:

MOVIES folder

To save the old ones just in case, rename the folders to something else. I renamed "MOVIES" to "MOVIES_PAL" and "SPEECH" to "SPEECH_PAL".

Please note that the folder "SPEECH" is in "SOUND".

Renaming the MOVIES folder to MOVIES_PAL

Renaming the SPEECH folder to SPEECH_PAL

Copy the "MOVIES" folder from the NTSC copy to the PAL one.

Adding the English MOVIES

Then, open the "SOUND" folder and copy the "SPEECH" folder.

Adding the English SOUND/SPEECH

Here comes the dangerous step: open the Registry Editor (press WIN+R, write regedit.exe and press ENTER/RETURN).

The Registry Editor ready to be opened

On the left side of the window, navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\EA Games\Need for Speed Most Wanted":

The Registry key

NOTE: If you installed "Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012" there will also be Need for Speed(TM) Most Wanted, ignore that registry key and select the one without "(TM)".

On the right side, right click "Region" and select "Delete" or "Remove":

Deleting "Region"

You are now ready to use NFS Most Wanted with the English voices on your current text language. If you want to use a different text language, double click "Language" and write your language name, then double click "Locale" and write your language ID.

This is a table with the Language and it's corresponding Locale:

  • Chinese / zh
  • Danish / da
  • Dutch / nl
  • English US / en
  • Finnish / fi
  • French / fr
  • German / de
  • Italian / it
  • Korean / ko
  • Polish / pl
  • Spanish / es
  • Swedish / sv

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