I am almost at 100% collection of the Enigma data packs. The particular one (shown below) is supposed to be collected by using the Batclaw after clearing the cryptographic sequencer.


As can be seen, I have decrypted the console, and yet the data pack is not visible. The following is showing it in detective vision:


Is it a bug? Would I have to restart the game from 0 to get back to 100% enigma collection?


As is mentioned in this walktrough:

Inside the West Tower Ballroom, in the Royal Hotel. You must glide over to a wooden platform in the center of the room. Hack the keypad, and it will reveal the datapack.

The link to the video the explicit process on how to get the pack

NOTE: People have reported that this was/is a bug that people have experienced. If this is the case, I suggest loading an older save file (I can't remember if that is possible)

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