On the PlayStation Blog's PS Store update for the Dungeon Defenders launch, it specifically cited that, in addition to releasing Dungeon Defenders itself, also available for download would be:

"Dungeon Defenders PlayStation Plus Exclusive DLC (Free & Exclusive to PlayStation Plus members )"

But I could not find any information about what this DLC actually IS. Does anyone know what this content is? There is nothing specified on the page except for that quote, and I was unable to find specific details of this DLC.

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A recent blog post clarifies this, the exclusive DLC consists of four familiars, three of which have slightly elevated stats for their level, and the fourth is a monkey who shoots enemies with his banana-guns... Yeah.


The free add-on for PS Plus is pets that help attack enemies.

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  • was warning people of its issues but to each there own I own the game and know of it's trophy sinc issues more about it here ps3trophies.com/forums/general-ps3-discussion/…
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